Neil Gong is a PhD candidate in the department of Sociology at UCLA. He has been a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2012-2017) and Fulbright Scholar in Hong Kong (2009-10).

Neil's dissertation uses ethnographic and historical methods to study community-based mental health care.  Beyond treatment itself, he is interested in how providers, service users, and families of diverse social backgrounds understand and practice ideals of "client choice" and "recovery." As a methodologist, he is concerned with the potential and limitations of comparative field research. To this end, he is co-editing (with Corey Abramson of the University of Arizona) a volume entitled Beyond the Case: The Logic and Practice of Comparative Ethnography (under contract with Oxford University Press). Neil used to spend his weekends fighting in a "no-rules" combat club until he drained the fun out of his hobby by studying it academically. Check out articles from these projects in Theory and Society and Social Problems.