Neil Gong is a sociologist and ethnographer at the University of Michigan Society of Fellows. He will join UC San Diego Sociology as an assistant professor in 2021.

Neil's book project, Mind and Matter (under contract with University of Chicago Press), examines inequality in community-based mental health care by contrasting public safety net and private psychiatric services. As a methodologist, he is concerned with the potential and limitations of comparative field research. To this end, he is co-editor (with Corey Abramson of the University of Arizona) of Beyond the Case: The Logics and Practices of Comparative Ethnography (forthcoming with Oxford University Press). Neil used to spend his weekends fighting in a "no-rules" combat club until he drained the fun out of his hobby by studying it academically. 

Check out peer-reviewed articles from these projects in American Sociological Review, Theory and Society , Social Problems, and Ethnography. Some public writing (with Alex Barnard of NYU) at San Francisco Chronicle.

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